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SL-4 Distribution 4 In. Speed Leveler for 6HD2 Distribution Box

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Speed Levelers are precision engineered to fit commonly used Schedule 40 ThickWall, SDR 35 (3034), and 2729 Thin-Wall PVC pipes. Simply press the Levelers into the pipe ends. They fit water-tight. No tools are necessary.

Tuf-Tite Speed Levelers are molded of specially formulated polyethylene that is highly chemical resistant. They are actually more corrosion resistant than the PVC pipe in which they're used.

Easily rotate Speed Levelers by hand. The Flo-Hole can be positioned to admit effluent at the precise level you desire. The range of settings is infinitely variable. And Levelers can be reset easily, anytime.

Test after test show that Tuf-Tite Speed Levelers significantly improve distribution in gravity-flow septic systems. There simply is no other way this can be accomplished as effectively, quickly, easily, or economically.


  1. Insert a Speed Leveler into each outlet pipe inside the Distribution Box. Rotate each Leveler until the Flo-Hole is at the 12 o'clock position.
  2. Start filling the Distribution Box with water. Stop when the water level touches the Inner Guide Ring of the highest Speed Leveler.
  3. Rotate all the Speed Levelers until each of the Flo-Holes is aligned just above the water level. Slowly add more water to see if it enters all the Flo-Holes simultaneously. Make fine-tune adjustments if necessary.
  4. You can alternate fields, or rest failed lines anytime. Simply rotate the Leveler on the appropriate pipe until the Flo-Hole is at the 12 o'clock position to stop the flow.
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