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Diamondx Cutter 14 In. Demo Saw Blade

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The all-new 14” DiamondX® Cutter is the most advanced, versatile and powerful DiamondX® blade we’ve ever created. We’ve made advancements to our brazing technology to increase the speed and longevity of the blade. The higher quality diamonds are bonded to the steel core with a level of precision that is simply unmatched in the industry.

Designed for use on high speed gasoline cutoff saws and higher-powered chop saws, the 14” DiamondX® Cutter will slice through steel, stainless steel, rebar, structural steel and bolts with ease. The 14” DiamondX® Cutter will make more cuts than up to 70 conventional abrasive wheels*, greatly increasing the productivity by reducing the downtime associated with changing out worn abrasives. Like all DiamondX® products, the new 14” DiamondX® Cutter is much safer and more eco-friendly than abrasives. The tools are made of steel and diamonds, which retain their shape, cut after cut. The steel core is virtually indestructible, providing a much safer working environment when compared to conventional abrasives that can fracture & break. Sparks, odor and debris are all greatly reduced, improving working conditions for the operator.

For use only on a high speed gas saw


Steel, Stainless Steel, Bolts, Nonferrous materials, Plastics, Fiberglass, Wood, Concrete, Tile, Brick

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