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Deep Hole Mechanical Pencil

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  • Two functions: Mechanical pencil and deep hole marker pencil thanks to removable cap
  • Special design facilitates deep hole markings up to 45 mm (1.78") in depth
  • Lead with small diameter for precise markings
  • Integrated sharpener in the push button
  • Robust ABS belt clip for secure hold


  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Dry wood
  • Paper/cardboard
  • Wet wood
  • Metal
  • Tile/ceramic
Item description Deep hole marker
Operating temperature 14 °F to 104°F (-10°C to +40 °C)
Material High-quality plastic
Lead Graphite, hardness HB


The TLM hole marker is a treasured accessory for many experienced tradesmen. This practical, mechanical pencil quickly and easily marks drill points in holes up to 45 mm. The variously colored refills can be sharpened using the pencils integrated sharpener. The TLM fits into any toolbox and can be clipped to pants and to shirt pockets with the sturdy mounting clip. 

The new TLM2 is now also available, complete with an impressive and ingenious new feature. The screw-on, ABS plastic attachment converts the hole marker into a comfortable, mechanical pencil for marking, writing and drawing on a wide range of materials and surfaces.


The TLM2 is not just a pencil or a hole marker. The TLM2 is a pencil with multiple functions. With the screw-on attachment made from ABS plastic, the TLM2 hole marker fits comfortably in the hand and is ideally suited for the precise marking and writing. Remove the attachment, and the long, stainless steel tip enables high-precision marking in hard to access areas”for instance, drill holes during assembly work.


  • For general use, the ergonomic, triangular, removable cover fits perfectly in the hand. 
  • The breakproof, ABS plastic clip secures the TLM2 to pants or shirt pockets, and prevents the TLM2 from rolling on smooth surfaces. 
  • The TLM2 lead can be advanced during use with a one-hand, push-button mechanism. 
  • The lead can be sharpened with the sharpener integrated into the push button. 
  • The refills come in a different of colors for a wide range of possible applications.


The TLM2 hole marker comes with a hard HB graphite refill which is particularly well suited for use on materials like wood, paper or cardboard. Additionally, refills with high wax content are available in three different colors. These are particularly well suited for marking on rough, smooth or dark surfaces, such as metal, tiles, plastic or glass.


  • Two tools in one! Hole marker for precise marking of drill holes and retractable pencil for easy marking on various surfaces 
  • Convenient one-handed operation thanks to the practical push mechanism with refill feed and the ergonomic, sturdy handle
  • Fast and easy sharpening of the refill using integrated sharpener in the push button
  • Marker does not roll away while working thanks to the break-proof mounting clip
  • Wide range of possible applications thanks to screw-on attachment and range of refills
  • Durable and sustainable thanks to highly robust design and refill capability 
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